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Guide Last Updated: February 28, 2015
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BCOM 275 Final Exam Guide

BCOM 275 Final Exam Guide

Study Unit: BCOM 275
University of Phoenix Final Exam Guide with Answers

TUTORIAL: Includes study guide with answers for final exam.

Sample exam questions:
1.The goal of effective communication is

2. Which step in the communication process requires you to track action items?

3. If a person is trying to anticipate the response someone may have to his or her message, he or she should pay close attention to this step in the communication process:

4. This type of noise occurs when you do not understand the speaker’s words or gestures:

5. The process of changing symbols into thoughts is called

6. When your response is designed to reassure, pacify, or comfort, you are using this type of response.

7. The combination of physical and mental presence is frequently referred to as

8. “She probably did that because she was angry” is an example of this type of response.

9. What percentage of a person’s waking day is spent communicating interpersonally?

10. In which type of response do you judge or try to solve the sender’s problem?

11. Which of the following would you deem the most reliable source of information on this subject: Is Lipitor® an effective medication for lowering cholesterol?

12. You are considering purchasing a new vehicle. Which of the following sources would be the most reliable?

13. Which of the following is an effective indicator of a person’s being a reliable source of information?

14. When a source has a preference or leanings either for or against a particular subject, this is referred to as

15. Look at the source when evaluating a claim. A person who stands to gain from the belief in a particular claim is called

Objective: Evaluate arguments for validity.

16. Consider the following statement: “I think global warming is a farce. After all, most people think winters are getting colder, if anything. How could that many people be wrong?” This is an example of which fallacy?

17. Consider the following statement: “Before any more of my tax dollars go to the military, I’d like answers to some questions, such as why are we spending billions of dollars on weapons that don’t work?” This is an example of which slanting device?

18. “The obvious truth is that bilingual education has been a failure.” In this statement, “the obvious truth” is best viewed as

19. “The health editor for ABC Today certainly seems to know what she is talking about when she recommends we take vitamins, but I happen to know she works for a major manufacturer of vitamin supplements”. This is an example of which fallacy?

20. “Laws against teenage drinking? What a total waste of time. No matter how many laws we pass, there are always going to be teens who drink.” This is an example of which fallacy?

21. “Specific purpose” of the message refers to

22. A speech that provides the audience with information about a particular event or occurrence is a(n):

23. An informative speech that shares concepts, beliefs, attitudes, and opinions with an audience is called a(n)

24. Psychographics include these characteristics.

25. An informative speech that explains to the audience how something works is called a(n)

26. “Cyu ltr 4 r mtg” is an example of what type of communication channel?

27. Which of the following would be the best communication channel if you needed responses from multiple people immediately when the parties are in different parts of the country?

28. You need to relay a mass message to your entire department of over 100 employees because someone left their lights on in the parking lot. What channel would be best for this?

29. Selecting the channel of communication is done at which stage in the communication process?

30. Which of the following should be considered when determining the channel of communication?

31. How many key ideas should the specific purpose of the message include?

32. Your main points should establish a direct connection with the

33. Which of the following would be the most effective way to capture an audience’s attention in the opening remarks of an introduction?

34. “Avoiding credit card debt is easier than you think” is an example of a

35. Words or phrases that create a bridge between ideas are called
36. Which of the following is a persuasive presentation of value?

37. This is the first strategy for delivering an effective persuasive message.

38. The three types of persuasive presentation include

39. The way people use eye contact to communicate is referred to as

40. Nonverbal communication

41. When speakers make an effort to avoid errors in reasoning, they demonstrate which of the following elements of persuasion?

42. A speech to convince the audience that several factors are responsible for childhood obesity would most likely be organized by which method?

43. “Failure to follow OSHA standards significantly increases workplace accidents” is an example of this type of persuasive presentation.

44. When a member of Mothers Against Drunk Driving tells an emotional story about the loss of her daughter to a drunk driver, the mother is using which element of persuasion?

45. This logical fallacy exaggerates the consequences of a specific action.

46. This barrier to effective intercultural communication occurs when you avoid topics because they can create tension.

47. Cultures that focus on what a person does and accomplishes are called

48. Believing your group is at the “center” of all groups is called

49. Discrimination that is embedded in the policies and practices of places such as schools, banks, governments, and so on, is called

50. The United States can be described as having this value orientation.

Objective: Evaluate communication for ethical, moral, and legal soundness.

51. Consider the following statement: “Sure, we might benefit from expanding Highway 99. But seizing a person’s property against his or her wishes is just wrong, period.” This is an example of which ethical perspective?

52. Consider the following statement: “Yes, innocent civilians have been killed in Iraq. But in the long run, the world will be a safer place if Iraq becomes a democracy.” This is an example of which ethical perspective?

53. Which of the following is one of the major perspectives of legal reasoning used to justify or defend specific laws?

54. A law against desecrating a corpse follows which kind of legal reasoning?

55. This perspective on moral reasoning has its origins in classical Greek thinking and philosophers such as Aristotle.