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ETH 355 Weeks 3, 4, & 5 All Assignments

ETH 355 Weeks 3, 4, & 5 All Assignments


ETH 355 Week 3 Ethical Theoretical Framework Aligning Personal and Professional Values

Aligning Personal and Professional Values
You have been offered a great job opportunity. Before you accept the offer, however, you want to be sure the company will be a good fit for you. To help you make this decision, you will need to determine your own personal values and those of the organization you select to see how your values and the values of the organization do or do not align.

Resource: “What Do I Value?” Self-Assessment

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you identify your decision to either take the job or decline it. Be sure to include the following information to support your decision:

• Complete the “What Do I Value?” Self-Assessment to identify your personal values. To access this self-assessment:
• Select the Assessments tab
• Select What about Me
• Select Values and Attitude Insights
• Select What Do I Value?
• Generate a list of your personal values.
• Research your company’s values or a company with which you are familiar. Look at the following when  researching and generate a list of your findings:
• The code of ethics of the profession
• The code of ethics for the organization
• The societal values for the profession• Align your personal values with those of the organization you selected. To do this, be sure you identify the following:
• Areas where your personal values align
• Areas where your personal values do not align
• Determine appropriate actions for the misalignments you have identified. Some questions you may want to consider include the following:
• Will you need to adjust your personal values to align with those of the organization?
• Are you willing to work to change the organizational values once working at the company?
• Are you willing to live with the misalignments you have identified?
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

ETH 355 Week 4 Ethical Perspectives Ethical Theories Matrix

Resource: University of Phoenix Material: Ethical Perspectives Matrix Complete the three matrices to compare and contrast the different ethical theories. You may need to conduct further research to complete them.

Historical perspectives
Main tenets
Contributing theorist(s)
Example of theory being applied

  • Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics
  • Confucian Role Ethics
  • Act Utilitarianism
  • Rule Utilitarianism
  • Care Ethics

Deontological Perspectives
Main tenets
Contributing theorist(s)
Example of theory being applied

  • Categorical Imperative
  • Practical Imperative

ETH 355 Week 5 Ethical Decision Making

Resources: Merck and River Blindness case in Ch. 9 of Managing Business Ethics and University of Phoenix Material: Ethical Perspectives Matrix

Read the Merck and River Blindness case.

Review the eight step decision-making process found in Ch. 2 of Managing Business Ethics.

Complete the first seven steps outlined in the Eight Steps to Sound Ethical Decision Making in Business model with your team. You should work together as a team to develop one response to each of these seven steps that you will include in the final assignment. Select one of the ethical perspectives you have read about. You may
want to use your University of Phoenix Material: Ethical Perspectives Matrix as a resource.

Coordinate with your team to be sure each member is arguing a different perspective.
Debate the case study in your learning team discussion area. Argue from the perspective you have selected with your team. Be sure to use the information outlined from the first seven steps you created with your team and from the case study. (Please note: all team members should participate in the debate portion of the assignment. Three of the 23 points for this assignment will be tied to your participation in the debate.

You will receive one point for each participation post in this debate, upto a maximum of three points.)
Complete step eight of the Eight Steps to Sound Ethical Decision Making in Business model on your own. Include  the following:
• The ethical perspective with which you most align
• The supporting information that brought you to your decision
Compile a 1,050- to 2,000-word paper as a team that includes the
• Your team’s completed outline of the first seven steps of the Eight
Steps to Sound Ethical Decision Making in Business
• A summary of your team debate that includes the main arguments
from each ethical perspective
• Each team member’s report on step eight of the Sound Ethical
Decision Making in Business model