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SCI 275 Week 2 Assignment Risk Assessment – West Nile Virus – Malathion PaperScholar Study Aids
Guide Last Updated: March 6, 2015
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SCI 275 Week 2 Assignment Risk Assessment – West Nile Virus – Malathion

SCI 275 Week 2 Assignment Risk Assessment – West Nile Virus – Malathion

This study guide includes a sample paper of 1040 words with six references.

Should the people of Genericville use the pesticide Malathion to combat mosquitoes and reduce the risks of West Nile virus? In analyzing the risk for West Nile virus versus the use of Malathion to control the mosquito population that carries the virus, it is important to weigh the possible dangers of both. West Nile virus is a dangerous nervous system disease caused by adult mosquitoes. In order to reduce the dangerous virus caused by mosquitoes, humans began spraying areas with Malathion.

step 1: hazard identification – what are the risks for inhabitants and residents? This is chemical cause any risk for our food and water supply?

Step 2: dose response – are people that are uneducated about this chemical at risk of exposure if they do not know about the aerial spraying?

Step 3: space exposure – what are the ecological effects of Malathion? Because it degrades rapidly in the environment does it not pose a risk?

Step 4: risk characterization –Malathion exposure can be controlled while the risk to the mosquitoes cannot be controlled. Areas of heavy spraying will be at increased risk for exposure compared to those in other areas where spraying his light; through dermal contact with contaminated plants.