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Guide Last Updated: February 24, 2015
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STR 581 Strategic Planning & Implementation

This capstone course integrates concepts from all prior courses in the program. Students apply the concepts of strategic planning and implementation to create sustainable, competitive advantage for an organization. Other topics include environmental scanning, strategic analysis, corporate social responsibility, implementation and evaluation, and risk management.

Mission, Vision, and Values

  • Identify major components of a strategic management process.
  • Evaluate the organization’s motivation, innovation strategy, and people strategy.
  • Explain the role of ethics and corporate social responsibility in strategic planning.

External Environmental Scanning

  • Analyze an organization’s remote environment.
  • Analyze an organization’s industry environment.
  • Analyze an organization’s external operating environment.

Internal Capabilities and Resources

  • Analyze an organization’s internal environment.
  • Assess an organization’s competitive position and possibilities.

Strategic Choice and Evaluation

  • Evaluate potential generic strategies for an organization.
  • Evaluate potential value disciplines for an organization.
  • Evaluate potential grand strategies for an organization.
  • Evaluate potential multi-business strategies for an organization.

Implementation, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plans

  • Create an implementation plan.
  • Develop organizational change management strategies.
  • Analyze the key external environmental assumptions and internal metrics that must be monitored during the implementation of a business plan.
  • Create a risk management plan.

Create and Sell Your Business Plan

  • Construct a strategic plan for an organization.
  • Communicate a strategic plan effectively to stakeholders.