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University of Phoenix HRM 531 Human Capital Management

University of Phoenix HRM 531 Human Capital Management

University of Phoenix
HRM 531 Human Capital Management

This course prepares students to address the concepts of personnel development as managers. Students learn criteria for developing effective job analysis, appraisal systems, and appropriate career development plans for employees. Other topics include personnel selection, employee compensation, benefits, training, workplace diversity, discipline, employee rights, unions, and management behaviors.

Influence of Employment Laws on Human Resource Management

Determine if an organization is in compliance with employment laws.
Determine methods to comply with employment laws.
Summarize the effects of unions on an organization.
Functions of a Job Description

Explain how a job analysis is used to create a job description.
Explain the functions of a job description.
Compensation and Benefits

Explain how to create employee compensation and benefits.
Determine appropriate components of employee compensation and benefits.
Use organizational and market data to conduct Human Capital Management functions.
Employee Recruitment and Selection

Compare recruitment strategies.
Determine selection criteria.
Training and Development

Differentiate the concepts of training and development.
Describe the process of a Performance Improvement Plan.
Explain how the results of a Performance Improvement Plan are used to determine training needs for employees.
Addressing Diversity in Human Capital Management

Explain how an organization’s diversity impacts Human Capital Management.